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Why I chose Christ

Dear friends, life is a process of gain and loss, grasping and letting go. In this process, we have experienced joy, sorrow, ups and downs, but the road gets narrower, happiness is fleeting, suffering often accompanies us, and many people have experienced breakthroughs in life trauma in their faith in Jesus. 
I didn’t know Jesus in the past, and I lived in sins and transgressions. The intrigues, deceptions, violent fights, greed for money and death among all living beings abound, and the cruel and sinful wars have claimed countless lives. All these made me feel at a loss in life, unable to find the coordinates of life, and spending time every day in the middle of self-consciousness, without goals, without joy.
Since I walked into the temple of Jesus, I have met many brothers and sisters of Christians. They care for each other, are friendly, and everyone is dedicating love. Under the leadership of the Lord Jesus, they study the Bible and serve the Lord Jesus, sing the praises of the Lord Jesus and calm the soul. They live full and happy lives without the darkness and evils of society. Their personality and charm often touches me. It is they who led me to know the Lord Jesus through studying the Bible and realizing that human beings are sinful. In order to save the sins of mankind, the Lord Jesus gave his precious life and shed the last drop of blood. In the past few decades, he never thought that he was guilty and always thought that he would not do bad things. Will be guilty.
As a new believer, my study of the Bible has just begun and I can’t talk about understanding. Today, under the guidance of the Lord Jesus, I will further study and understand its true and profound meaning. Knowing my Lord Jesus, I would like to miss you and follow you forever, relying on the power of the Lord Jesus’ resurrection and the grace of the Holy Spirit, after the journey of my life, I will glorify you and sing praises to you! May God bless you and be with you always!

Xiaoyun Zhang
Witnessed at the Mandarin Wesleyan Church in Ottawa, Canada, April 2007