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在2002年7月得到了西人的卡纳塔卫斯理教会的帮助,成立了卡纳塔卫斯理教会国语堂, 并在11月正式开始了国语事工崇拜。教会大家庭齐心协力,在华人社区传扬耶稣基督的救恩。

2006年7月,四年之后,国语堂凭着信心, 带着主的使命与卫斯理联会的祝福与援助,从卡纳塔卫斯理教会独立出来,成立了现今的渥太华国语卫斯理教会。历年来,本堂会人数不断上升。直至2006年中,由开荒的30名会友增加至90名,并聘请全职传道人一位。

此外,蒙神的恩典,国语卫斯理教会也得到卡纳塔卫斯理的协助,免费提供其会堂作为我们的聚会地点,使我们这个新生的教会一开始就带着神的祝福开始我们新的事工。 愿神使用我们,成为在大渥太华以及更广大的地区拓展神国的基地,传扬福音,完成主耶稣的大使命。

Our Vision

We are bestowed such vision: One of the Mandarin worship and disciple training center serving Greater Ottawa areas, a gospel preaching post, a mission church with glorifying God and expanding the Kingdom of God as our ultimate purposes.

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Our Mission

We are entrusted this mission: Worshiping the true God, Proclaiming the Good News, Discipling the believers, Buidling the fellowship, Ministering to the community.

Declaration of Faith
  1. We believe in the only living God, full of holiness and love, eternal, omnipotent, wise and good, and he is the creator and sustainer of all things. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (Trinity) are three persons with the same nature, power, and eternity.

  2. We believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, both the true God and the true man. He died on the cross and was buried, as an atonement for our sins, and to re-establish the right relationship with our Heavenly Father. The body of Christ rose from the dead, ascended to heaven, and sat at the right hand of the Father, interceding for us until the end of the age to come and judge the world.

  3. We believe in Christ to give ourselves once and forever, and through His suffering and death on the cross, we will pay the sin debt for the world. Otherwise, there is no salvation. This atonement is sufficient for everyone, and it is unconditionally effective for the salvation of these people, including the born mentally handicapped, the mentally handicapped after being saved, and children who have not yet reached the age to be responsible for their actions. However, for those who have reached the age to be responsible for their actions, only if he repents and confesses, and exercises faith in the Lord and Savior of his life, Jesus Christ, this salvation is effective.

  4. We firmly believe that the books of the Old and New Testaments are the Bible. They are the absolutely infallible words of God inspired by God. There is no error in the original manuscript and it transcends all human authority. They are passed on to this world, and the doctrine is intact. We believe that they include everything needed for salvation; any way that is not contained in the Bible or is not proven by the Bible is not necessary to be believed or regarded as the way of salvation.

  5. We believe in God's call and require all people to "love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself". This is the general outline of all laws contained in the Bible.

  6. We firmly believe that the Christian church is the totality of all believers in Jesus Christ, and that Jesus Christ is the founder and sole head of the church. In order to preach the pure Word, the churches on earth properly preside over the sacraments according to the instructions of Christ and obey the great commandments of Christ. A local church is an entity formally formed by believers according to the principles of the gospel for the purpose of evangelism, edification, fellowship and worship. The Wesleyan Church is part of all believers.

  7. We believe that water and sacrament are church sacraments ordained by Christ. Water ceremony is a sacrament of the church, ordained by our lord and received by believers. With this ceremony, believers declare their faith in the Savior Jesus Christ. The Lord himself set up the sacrament to remember him until he comes again. This is also the seal of the new covenant between God and man. Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ can receive it.

  8. Our faith in the assurance of the return of Jesus Christ inspires us to live a holy life and inspires our enthusiasm for universal missions.

  9. We believe that all people will be resurrected from the dead-the righteous will be resurrected for eternal life, the unrighteous will be resurrected for eternal life. We believe that the Bible clearly teaches that there is life after death. The ultimate destiny of each person is determined by God's grace, mercy, and personal response. For those who choose the salvation provided by God through Jesus Christ, the heaven with eternal glory and the blessing of Christ’s presence is their final residence; but for those who despise this vast salvation, there is endless misery and a hell separated from God. It is their final residence.
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