Sunday Worship Time

Mandarin Worship:10 am
English Worship:10 am
Children Sunday School:10 am

Meeting Place

Mlacak Centre, Hall C
2500 Campeau Drive
Kanata, K2K 2W3

Relative Links

The Wesleyan Church

Brother Church

Pastor Zhou
Crossway Church
Address:1780 Feltham Road
Saanich, BC V8N 2A5

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Our Mission Statement

We are entrusted this mission: Worshiping the true God, Proclaiming the Good News, Discipling the believers, Buidling the fellowship, Ministering to the community.

Our Vision Statement

We are bestowed such vision: One of the Mandarin worship and disciple training center serving Greater Ottawa areas, a gospel preaching post, a mission church with glorifying God and expanding the Kingdom of God as our ultimate purposes.

Mandarin Wesleyan Church Brief History

Kanata is also known as Silicon Valley North: during the Hi-tech blooming in the 90s, it attracted many skilled professionals and new Chinese immigrants settled their living in Kanata. A group of Christian families saw the needs and responded the calling to start the Mandarin ministry in this community.

In July 2003, the Mandarin ministry was being approved and accepted as the third Sunday worship congregation in Mandarin at Kanata Wesleyan Church. The Mandarin Sunday Service was officially started in November. Church families were united in reaching out to the Chinese community and proclaiming the God’s salvation through Jesus Christ.

In July 2006, 4 years later, Mandarin congregation once again taking a leap of faith, burden with the Lord’s Commission and blessing from the Wesleyan Church of Canada, Ottawa Mandarin Wesleyan Church was born from the Kanata Wesleyan Church. Since the formation of Mandarin ministry in 2003, the average attendance has grown from 30 people to about 90 people.

At present, we have a full-time mandarin pastor. Under the God’s grace and provision, Kanata Wesleyan Church provided us free facility usage to Sunday worship on Sunday; we truly experience God’s blessing in our ministry as a newly formed Mandarin church. May our God continues to use us and be a blessing to our countryman; be a outreach preaching point for God’s kingdom, preaching the gospel and fulfilling our Lord’s Great Commission!